In this AU Arthur never fully accepted Merlin's sorcery, and he died without saying thank you or anything. Because Merlin loved him so much, he still waits for him, living near the lake of Avalon for hundreds of years waiting. He recounts his and Arthur's relationship to his friend, Fred (sort of life his 'Gaius'), who encourages him to look for Arthur. Merlin and Arthur find each other but because Merlin is unsure how Arthur feels about his magic, he is very apprehensive and keeps refusing Arthur's attempts at reconnecting, and thus they watch each other from a distance. After a while of thinking about each other and their past lives, it becomes too much for Arthur to bear and goes to Merlin. After some reminiscing on Merlin's part, he gives in and he and Arthur work things out. The end is supposed to be like Merlin picking Arthur up, a symbol of his devotion and the new start to their new relationship in the present. In the flashback Merlin is pushing Arthur away in the boat, and now he is drawing him back in.

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