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Enjolras regarded him with disdainful eyes:
“Grantaire, you are incapable of believing, of thinking, of willing, of living, and of dying."
Grantaire replied in a grave tone:
"You will see."

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Les Mis *_*

please join their super secret boyband uvu

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Enjolras x Grantaire

пошла реветь где-нибудь в углу:weep3:

On my own, Pretending he’s beside me
All alone, I walk with him till morning
Without him I feel his arms around me
And when I lose my way I close my eyes
And he has found me

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Enjolras x Grantaire

какой прекрасный арт:inlove:

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E/R modern au

grantaire is a world-weary singer sick of having his creativity stifled by his record label. enjolras is the passionate young revolutionary trying to change the world who storms up to grantaire to complain in person about the damaging message of his latest hit single. grantaire is instantly smitten and, in between writing songs to help enjolras’ cause, ends up penning a dozen odes to the colour of the other boy’s eyes and the way his skin goes gold in the first light of the morning.

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Любимый момент*_*

обожаю этот момент.. эти их взгляды друг на друга..:heart:

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какой красивый арт*_*

He’s started to forget the sound of your voice.

найдено на тумблере)

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Modern AU | Enjolras x Grantaire

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Enjolras *_*

Enjolras’ red jacket of sex:heart:

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Do you permit it?

нельзя так просто взять и не пореветь над этим хотя бы один день:weep3:

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Apologize (Cover by George Blagden)

Даша, после просмотренного видео с Джорджем где он ОБОЖЕ ТАК ОХРЕНИТЕЛЬНО поет, я нашла еще несколько песен в его исполнении...
блин, вот эта...мне так нравится эта песня... в исполнении Джорджа она великолепна:heart:

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начнем день с грустных гифок по Ле Миз:depr:
эз южал:facepalm:

i’ll see you in the future when we’re older
and we are full of stories to be told
cross my heart and hope to die
i’ll see you with your laughter lines

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by ~Ariyasha

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genderbent les mis

какие классные фем!Анж и фем!Р:inlove:

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Enjolras x Grantaire

я пошла рыдать где-нибудь в углу:weep3:

“I can’t let you die without knowing you are loved. By so many, and so much, and by no one more than me.”

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Eye of the Tiger